Adlerian Child Care Centers

After School Enrichment Program 

     (Children in grades 1 - 5)

After-School EnrichmentAfter picking your child up from school, we provide time for homework to be completed with a teacher' s assistance. Following homework the fun begins with science experiments, cooking, art, and thematic research. Games, drama, block construction, books, art, sand, water and music centers provide your child with a wide choice of play areas. Weekly field trips provide your child educational and enjoyable outings with fellow classmates. Teachers lead a variety of athletic games to teach children the values of physical exercise and good sportsmanship.


Sample After School Program Enrichment Topics

August – Bright Beginnings!
Discuss and establish class rules.
Create a mobile from your name.
Learn how to play Name Ball.
“Introducing Me!” questionnaire.
Paint a favorite summer activity.
Create a pencil pal.
Write a description of your activity.
Class meeting to select Read
Class kickball game.
Aloud Book for the class.

September - A Sporting Good Time
Class meeting: What is a good sport?
Set obstacle course.
Teach a friend a board game.
Relay race with batons.
Paint the mascot of your favorite team.
Write a school mascot poem.
Soft ball throw challenge.
Learn how to use stopwatch.
Make math quiz cards for math games.
Locate city of your favorite team.
Paint your “good sport” moment.

October - Movie Science
Research behind the scene movie facts.
Science fun: How to train insects.
Create Superman boulder prop.
Make your own sound effect.
Design a thaumotrope toy.
Cooking fun: Make sci-fi goo.
Costume change relay race.
Mummy Wrap Contest.
Write an idea for a movie script.
Light experiment: Create sunset.

November– How Can I Help?
Research Thanksgiving around the world
Illustrate your Thanksgiving.
Map Fun: Where will spend your holiday?
Learn to make mashed potatoes.
Table manners trivia game.
Research the origin of the turkey.
Math fun: What does a turkey weigh?
Turkey call contest.
Paint a wild turkey.
Learn how to set a formal table.

December - Winter Adventures
Research coldest dates in SC History.
Write a snowflake poem.
Create a winterscape.
Make chocolate chip cookies.
Weather map fun: Where is the snow?
Collect canned goods for shelter.
Play Basketball Horse
Snow ball freeze tag.
Research Greek myth explaining winter.
Write your own winter myth.

January – Heroes In Our Midst
Class meeting: What makes a hero?
Select a hero to research.
Create a plaque to present your hero.
Teach a friend a game you enjoy.
Project: How can you help someone?
Create your own family calendar.
Paint monthly scenes for your calendar.
Class kickball game.
Math fun: Find 2010 holiday dates.
Create a sun dial.

February – Friendly Communications
Class meeting: How are we friendly?
Write script for a friendship play.
Learn American Sign Language alphabet.
Design props for play.
Create a new student friendship plan.
Examine Braille alphabet.
Learn greetings from around the world.
Paint a portrait of a friend.
Make a valentine for a family member.
Write a letter of thanks to a friend.
Class basketball game.

March – World Destinations
Choose a travel destination.
Create your own passport.
Paint a picture of your destination.
Research your destination.
Locate your destination on world map.
Class T-ball game.
Create currency for your destination.
Suitcase Relay Race
Math fun: Currency exchange game.
Cooking fun: make a picnic lunch

April – Master Gardeners
Plan a class vegetable & flower garden.
Prepare soil for our garden.
Create planters for our plants.
Plant our plants.
Painting with plants.
Create a terrarium.
Research plant math facts.
Design your ideal garden.
Map fun: Where does it grow?
Class kickball game.

May – South Carolina Wildlife
Choose a South Carolina animal to study.
Paint your animal.
Illustrate the habitat of your animal.
Animal mimicry contest.
Locate state forests on SC map.
Visit from wildlife specialist.
Play Animal Call Match Up.
Design an animal mask.
Class softball game.
Make a bird seed mosaic.

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