Adlerian Child Care Centers

Four Year Old Kindergarten

     (Children ages 4 to 5 years)

Four-Year Old KindergartenThe world of learning takes off for your child in our kindergarten program. Our teachers lead small group activities to broaden your child' s understanding of science, social studies, music, language arts, math and art. Our program uses phonics-based and sight word teaching approaches. A variety of settings and materials are used to accommodate individual abilities. Field trips and class visitor programs enhance monthly study units. Weekly class meetings encourage children to see themselves as problem solvers and responsibility takers. Parent/teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring.

Educational Objectives

Language Arts Skills
Speak distinctly
Vocabulary development
Identify colors
Identify letters, upper & lower case
Recognize name in print
Trace and write name
Trace and write letters
Names days of week
Complete missing letter sequence
Knows address & phone number
Answer questions about a story
Sequence story cards to retell story
Identify rhyming words
Identify simple sight words
Left to right sequencing
Identify patterns

Socialization Skills
Play with others in small group
Play independently
Carry out responsibilities
Respect rights of others
Willing to share
Takes care of materials
Participate in group activities
Show concern for others
Participate in class meetings
Wait for turn
Solve problems non-aggressively
Math Skills
Set recognition
Identify shapes
Sort shapes
Count aloud 1-20
Identify numerals 1-10
Trace and write numerals 1-10
Sequence numerals 1-5
Joins two sets for form a new set
Sort items by shape and size
Compares & measures
Identify coins
Tell time by the hour

Self Help Skills
Private toileting
Dress independently
Tie shoes
Wash face and hands, wipe nose
Cleans up toys and centers
Follows oral directions
Keeps up with belongings
Folds mat and blanket
Keep up with belongings
Assist with room tasks: meal
prep, fold mat, wipe table
Fine Motor Skills
Complete 15 piece puzzle
Cut with scissors
Use pencils, crayons, markers, paintbrush
Complete 10-12 piece puzzles
String beads
Use of clay & clay cutters
Manipulate pegboards
Gross Motor Skills
March and dance to music
Hop on one foot
Kick ball
Throw ball with accuracy
Catch ball
Bean bag tossing
Swings independently

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