Adlerian Child Care Centers

Toddler Program

     (Ages 12 to 24 months)

Toddler Child Care ProgramThe ever curious toddler will flourish in a program that provides experiential learning. Teachers lead marching, dancing, hopping, crawling and ball play activities designed to strengthen your toddler's gross motor skill development. Painting, stacking games, puzzles and water play pave the way for your child's creative expression and fine motor skill development. Songs, fingerplays, and reading will broaden your child's language development. Our staff also teaches children such self help skills as independent feeding, hand washing and toilet training

Stimulating Development Through Play

12 to 15 months
Listen and dance to songs on c.d.' s or tapes
Play with large manipulatives in chair at table and standing at table
Sing and speak to child using finger and hand puppets
Beat on plastic containers like drums
March around room with musical shakers
On playmat with linking blocks, stacking blocks, cars and trucks
Walking around room with pull toys
Clapping games and fingerplays
Introduce sipper cups and practice using them
In a small group stack soft blocks and knock them down
Model hugging baby dolls and stuffed animals
Encourage connectedness by identifying children as friends and noting friendly behavior
Give book to child upside down and let child right it
Hide toy under blanket as child reaches for it, let her solve problem of finding it
Invite children to tell you or show you what they would like to do
Read books on playmat and ask children to point to items you name
Take nature walk outside to pick things up, identify what child finds by name, use for art project

15 - 18 months
Tape record and listen to children's voices together
Large & simple shape sorting toys
Take turns stacking blocks
Kicking and rolling ball to friends as well as teacher
Take nature walks in yard, examine and identify items
Blow bubbles outside for children to chase
Riding toys outside
Fill little wagon with sand and leaves outside to pull
Encourage self dressing by role playing it in songs
Role play " Bye-bye" and "Night-night" routines with baby and blanket
Practice putting toys in canvas bag to tote around
Allow toddler to carry own bag
Ring Around the Rosy and clapping games
Ask child to point to objects in books, point to objects in book for child to name
Act like and make noises like animals
Fingerpainting at table
Tear art at table

18 - 21 months
Experiment with smelling different jars of foods
Assemble giant peg boards while seated at table
Sit at table and solve 4 piece puzzles
Look at recent pictures of students at play and identify
Sing songs about body parts
Identify body parts by pointing to and naming
Listen to toys that make animal sounds in a small group on floor. Follow up by role playing the animal we heard
Small group works together to build a block or jumbo lego structure
Role play blowing kisses to and holding hands with our friends
Tape record group singing a song and play for group
March around room to music
Read book to one or two children on playmat, take turns letting children select books to read
Hide a toy in the room and make game of having children find it
Water table pouring play
Pull toy play in room and outside
Roll ball to children

21 - 24 months
Role play toilet training
Role play dressing self and practice dressing self to song
On floor with dolls that encourage dressing or the dressing cube
Practice blowing noses by pretending to be elephants trumpeting
Let child color with marker
Make foot prints with fingerpaint
Fence painting outside
Ask child to tell you about his dolls and toys, or what his toys and dolls are doing
Practice hopping and jumping with child
Listen to tape recording of familiar sounds and ask children to identify
Paint with sponges, brushes, wheels of toy cars and trucks
Encourage concern for fellow students by clapping for each other when we complete tasks
Encourage connectedness by having students give hugs or handshakes to say hello and good-bye
Puppets to role play familiar scenarios
At table playing tea party
Have child "read" you a book or hold book for you to read

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