Adlerian Child Care Centers

Two Year Old Program

     (Ages two to three years)

Two Year Old Child CareA nurturing and playful environment paves the way for learning. "Hands on" activities like counting, sequencing and sorting games get your child off to a bright start in math. Storytelling, picture interpretation, songs and dramatic play open the world of language for your child. Our staff is trained to note caring and friendly behaviors as a way of encouraging healthy social and emotional development. Parent/teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring.

Educational Objectives

Language Arts Skills
State full name
Identify colors
Identify name in print
Sing simple songs
Sing songs with hand motions
Uses 3 or more word sentences
Identify body parts
Interprets pictures
Listen to story & answer questions about story
Socialization Skills
Show self-confidence
Participate in group activites
Play with group
Play independently
Willing to share
Attuned to feelings of others
Waits for turn
Show concern for classmates
Math Skills
Identify shapes
Sort items by shape
Count aloud 1 - 5
Count out 1 - 5 objects
Identify numerals 1 - 5
Sort items by size: big/little, tall/short
Form set of 1 - 3 objects

Self Help Skills
Eat independently with utensils
Toilet trained
Dress self independently
Clean up toys and centers
Wash hands and face, wipe nose
Help with passing out snack items
Keep up with belongings
Fine Motor Skills
Sort pegs by color
Tear paper for art
Use crayons, markers, & paint
Glue two items together
String beads or spools
Stacking & nesting toys
Complete six-piece puzzles

Gross Motor Skills
Stand on one foot
Walk a straight line
March and dance to music
Throw a ball
Catch a ball
Kick ball

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